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2 Ways on How to Live Sustainably Blog #3

Food and Waste Segregation!

Food is the game changer for everyone. There is so much junk in the market, which somehow tastes incredible. Choose wisely about what you want to eat. Whether you live in a city or the country side start thinking about harvesting you a garden. Saves you, time, money and cutting down much consumption & emissions. There are plenty of small business's that would love to teach you how to garden, check your local communities for gardeners or plant nurseries. The kind of food that we eat today has also deteriorated. Always prefer organic food over any other.

Use recyclable cutlery and once you are done using them, do give your plates for recycling. If it's not washable and be sure to not waste alot of water while rinsing your dishes off. These are some of the best ways to promote sustainability.

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Waste segregation always segregate your waste before dumping. Make sure that you dump the recyclable waste in the correct recyclable bins only. This will lead to production of composting creating healthy soil to grow more foods. For existing materials to be recycled and formed to be used for a new product without creating more waste. This is a very good option to promote sustainable living as well.

Living sustainability is not an easy thing to do, Im still learning how to be good at it everyday. I remember everything is a process. Especially in a country where these unhealthy habits of eating junk, over consuming and throwing away things is stated " this is just the way life goes". It's NOT "just the way life goes" because we didn't always have all these things we consume so much of. So it's our responsibility as humans to take care of the ONLY planet, beautiful planet that we have. Stop believing there's a plan B planet don't believe the hype, the higher power has yet to approve such thing. We can visit many parts of his creation freely and some at risk. Let's at least start being responsible for what we have freely already.

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