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Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Fashion: A Journey with D7ETTA Corp.

Hey Y'all, So I want to share an exciting experience from our recent session at the Community Ecology Institute, where I the founder of D7ETTA Corp had the pleasure of guiding a group of enthusiastic students on the path of sustainable fashion.

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters:

Sustainable fashion isn't just a trend; it's a movement reshaping the industry and our planet for the better. By choosing eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and supporting ethical practices, we can make a significant impact on the environment and communities worldwide.

Unlocking Creativity with T-Shirt Quilts:

During our session, we explored one of my new DIY projects: creating a T-shirt quilt! Not only does this project breathe new life into old garments, but it also unleashes your creativity in a sustainable way. By repurposing old T-shirts into a cozy quilt, we not only reduce textile waste but also craft a unique piece with sentimental value.

How to Make Your Own T-Shirt Quilt:

  1. Gather your old T-shirts: Raid your closet or ask friends and family for donations.

  2. Prep and cut: Cut out squares from the T-shirts, ensuring to preserve any logos or designs.

  3. Arrange the squares: Lay out the squares in a pattern that speaks to you.

  4. Sew it together: Piece the squares together using a sewing machine or needle and thread. (We used hand needles).

  5. Add backing and batting: Attach a backing fabric and batting to create a cozy quilt. (We did not do this step for the sake of time and material).

  6. Finish and enjoy: Trim any excess fabric, add a binding, and voila! Your T-shirt quilt is ready to show off.

Some students found that sewing by hand is a tedious job, and some were excited to learn something new. The 3rd picture shows the T-shirt quilt, it was not fully completed because we ran out of time, but it was enjoyable moment. Y'all I look like one of the students OMG LOL... that's me in the 3rd picture in the purple jacket holding the quilt with one of my students for that day.

Join the Movement:

Let's continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, one stitch at a time. Whether it's recycling old T-shirts or supporting eco-conscious brands like D7ETTA Corporation, every small step counts towards creating a more fashionable and sustainable world.

Remember, fashion is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good and doing good for the planet and our communities. Together, let's make sustainability the new black!

Stay stylish, stay sustainable!

Danielle, Founder, D7ETTA Corporation

March 9, 2024

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