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Accountability & Transportation

Accountability – The first thing you want to do is be accountable for your own actions. You can plan on a budget, and at the end of each month, sit down and assess yourself. Ask questions like ‘did I do enough for the environment?’, ‘did I make choices that were in favor of the environment?’, ‘what can I do to make things better?’, etc. This will help you assess yourself and prepare you for the next month. Eventually, you will make better choices and will consciously contribute towards the betterment of the environment.

Check out for more on environmental accountability.

Transportation – Always choose your transportation wisely. Whether you live in the city or anywhere else, you will have to commute to distant places at some point. This is when you have to make choices. If you are going to a nearby place, best choice is to walk. This will keep you and the environment healthy. However, if you are going to some distant places, choose electric bikes over cars. Fuels like petrol and diesel have a major contribution in depleting the environment level so avoid using cars. To be transparent this something that Iam still working on although I love being outdoors. In certain areas I will walk to the store or park. But I must say in some other areas people aren't so nice so I'm more dependent to drive. Everyone's living situation is different so move according to your comfort. Well actually I'd say move according to your safety, because sometimes great things can happen in life outside your comfort zone.

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